Saturday, June 4, 2011

Evolution of the Species

Evolution happens when you keep mating specimens, and keep removing the most unsuitable offspring from the gene pool.  Survival of the fittest.

Mutation helps to keep the pool diverse enough for the off chance that something else might be the answer to the problem.

What I am going to explore is the possibility that a cross-over between different successful rapid prototypers, with a bit of mutation (fuelled by my ignorance) could deliver a next generation of self replicating rapid prototype modellers.

Adding to my adventure, is that my birth county and country domicile do not cater for what I am about to attempt.  We do not have the choice of material from filament right though to "vitamins" that others have.  What makes this exiting is that this project will most likely be forced towards the Gada grand prize specification exactly because of this.

This is the uneasy birth of Morgan.

It will be a RepRap system, with build envelope of at least 300 x 300 x 200mm and will comprise of 80 to 90% printed components eventually.  Electronics will be simple, and as affordable as possible.  Should have at least 3 different build materials, with automatic material selection - and one should be an easily removable support material.

It should be able to build all its plastic parts completely unattended, and possibly its electronics as well.

Let's say its a 5 year plan...

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