Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vitamins are good for you - in moderation. Elements are always good.

It is good to get my mind working on a project again.

While trying to create a stucture that will be possible to easily recreate by building it in the repstrap, I am having a bit of a mind shift.  While the idea is to get rid of all "vitamins" (non reprapable components) there is no way to get rid of it all.  Now, given that some material are easilly available, and cheaply, at exceptional quality all over the world... Some vitamins are not cost effective to print.  If it is more expensive to print an inferior replacement for a freely available part (like a steel nut) then it is just a waste, no matter how you approach the matter.  Therefore these will be called "Elements" in the Morgan project henceforth.

element (n): a basic building block, freely available in some form (standards) word-wide at very low cost.

So, back to building business.

Morgan will incorporate as little as possible vitamins, but will make use of elements in order to create the hard wearing components.  Structural components will be built, but interfaces can be placed.

Just did some maths for the Z-axis mechanics.  Elements sure are going to make things work out very nicely... on paper anyway.

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